Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Interesting: Drake Interview on Alexa Chung


Pretty dope interview...

Covers his signing with YOUNG MONEY, a small clip of his new "Best I Ever Had" music video, Mr. West, and Degrassi...
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Check out the lead off single from GOOD Music's newest act Mr. Hudson. After lending his creative hand to Kanye's 808s and Heartbreak Hudson is ready to make his own mark with his album Straight No Chaser to be released later this year.

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More Police placed in Toronto High Schools


"I think you'd have to be pretty stupid to commit a crime when there's a police officer present."

- Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair

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To be completely real, I know when I was a teen I would of hated the idea of uniformed police walking around the halls of my high school. I guess growing up I never grew to trust in the Toronto Police system, to this very day even when I’m completely innocent I feel unease and uncomfortable when I know police are around me. It’s funny that the people that make me feel uncomfortable are the ones hired to serve and protect. My uneasiness around the boys in blue throughout my life is probably due to a few reasons that I can think off the top of my head;

- Growing up my peers, rap songs, and many different movies depicted police as being crooked, not trust worthy, or racist.
- Throughout my adolescence to ‘’like’’ the police was never socially acceptable and you would probably be labelled a snitch.
- Personal encounters with the Toronto police during my adolescence definitely had a big influence on my views towards them, more negative than positive which only supported the belief that police were assholes.
- In high school most police I encountered or seen were Caucasian and for some reason or another I felt as if most of them didn’t like dealing with black youths.
- And one specific situation comes to thought; in my third year of high school a friend of mine was wrongfully shot and killed by a Toronto police officer, it always weighed on my mind.

Now that I have grown up a bit I have definitely had much more positive encounters with the Toronto Police, don’t get me wrong I still believe that many officers get corrupted through job experiences and take advantage of the power given to them but I must say I have met many good and reliable police officers. I believe that inserting uniformed officers in Toronto high schools will definitely decrease the level of violence and crimes within the schools. But I think that these officers that are being placed within the high school environment should be specially trained to deal with teens and young adults; they should be equipped with a unique sense of understanding and dealing with high schools students. Their goal should not only be to prevent violence and crime or to even protect but they should focus on growing relationships with students especially the ones that tend to cause more trouble than good. I thinki it's important for police to learn to understand today's youth and the youth need to learn to understand today's police. This will help demolish negative sterotypes and help mend a bad relationship between police and the cities youth.

Now thinking about it maybe if my high school had officers inserted within the educational environment and I was able to grow to know the people behind the uniform maybe I wouldn’t be so uncomfortable and unease around them today.


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Kid Cudi's 1st Paparazzi Encounter

This video is jokes... Found over at www.kidcudi.com/news/

"Who am I with right now?"
"Yo what the fuck is this for son?"

-Kid Cudi

Definitely a real dude... I rate him...

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Anticipation by Trey Songz

For the ladies:
Continue to download mixtape....

Click link below:
Trey Songz - Anticipation

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Tornados in Toronto?

Several funnel clouds were spotted today in areas east of Toronto. No funnels clouds actually touched down but what the hell is going on?

Only in the past couple summers now that funnel clouds have been appearing in the skies around the city, because I definitely don't remember any Tornado warnings more than three years ago... Just imagine if a toronado's actually landed and hit the downtown core, its pretty much impossible but that would be pretty messed up.

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New Remix by MASE?


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The Louis Vuitton Don

Kanye West for Louis Vuitton
(new shoe collection)

The Kanye West for Louis Vuitton collection includes Mr. Hudson, The Jasper, and The Don.

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To be honest most of these shows are real ugly but the one I'd fuck with personallly are The Jasper's in black and The Don's in red. A few months ago Mr. West made comments that he was going to quit rapping in favor to focus on becoming a fashion intern with the highly successful designer Louis Vuitton but after dropping many new tracks since that statement I guess he has gave the intern idea up and instead just made a collabo. Thank God he didn't decide to become a fashion intern because I think I would of deleted every Kanye West track off my music library. Isn't it funny how far Mr. West has come ever since making it mainstream?
From grinding and hustling to make songs like Through the Wire to now creating his own shows in partnership with Louis Vuittion and wearing racoon tails.

So what do you think about Kanye's and Louie's newest collabo?

Are you feeling them? Or is this just another failed attempt in fashion?

For more info about Kanye West for Louis Vuitton, click HERE
And for a Mr. West interview about his music, the Louis Vuttion collaboration, fashoion, and life click HERE

More photos and the rest of the collection below:

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Damn I’m tired
Tired from all this running
But I got to keep running
Because the devil he lurks in the darkness
Ready to pounce at any chance he gets
Ready to steal my soul
Lock it in the depths of hell
But I refuse to let the devil take my soul
It is mine it is God given
So I shall protect my soul from the beast
The beast that lurks in the darkness
That’s why I’m running
I run to protect my soul
Protect it from the beast which lurks in the darkness
The devil he use his monsters to do his evil deeds
And he has sent a serpent after me
To retrieve my soul
So I have been running
But I been running for so long now
So long now
Too long now
My legs there are very tired now
Running is not working
It is not a solution
So I think it is time
Time to stop running
Time to fight back
I shall stop running this is the coward way
I shall pick up my shield my sword
And put on my armour
Now I am ready
Ready for battle
Ready to fight this serpent which stalks me in the darkness
I am ready now
I have stopped running
I have turned around to face the darkness
And the darkness quickly approaches
As the darkness engulfs me
The devils serpent
The serpent reveals himself
It is a three headed dragon
15 feet tall with large wings and red eyes
But I am ready now
Equipped with my armour my shield my sword
I am ready now
I shall use my armour to protect myself from the dragon’s attacks
I shall use my shield to deflect the dragon’s fire breath
And I shall use my sword to behead
Behead all three of the dragon’s heads
So come you ugly beast
I am ready

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Whoever said he still didn't have it?!

Only rapper to rewrite history without a pen...

D.O.A. - Jay-Z

Bonus performance from the BET Awards: "I might send this to DRAKE & Weezy..."

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Victory (Canada Day Party) @ Lot 332


Once again, Lot 332 is holding another big party...

This Tuesday, Lot 332 will be holding a Canada day party. Special $100 bottles and $4 drinks all night. If you need to get on the guestlist, don't forget to get at Patrick@madeinfame.com or you can call him at 416 565 4813...This is a party that you don't want to miss so I hope to see y'all there.

You also might want to check out Lot 332 next Friday with special guests Luu Breeze & Big Page.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The L.A.S.E.R.S. Manifesto


Check for the written version here:

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The Better Way Project Vol. 1

Check out the new mixtape from the Route86 camp. There are some definite bangers on there for real. For everything else Route86 check out their blog here. Click here download the tape.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009


I'm sitting here chillin...

Thinking again...

About life again...

And personally my life would have been so different...

If I made a few different decisions...

Pushed into the right direction by the good people in my life...

So I'll count my blessings..

I hiked through the condensed forest...

And reached the long road ahead of me..

No longer am I a kid...

But a young man...

So it's time...

Time to get it...

I'll continue to love to live...

Only aiming to the sky...

I having nothing to lose....

And all to gain...





Fuck it that's all I need...

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Friday, June 26, 2009



Find more videos like this on Roc4Life

Just a sneak peak of Jay-Z's "D.O.A. (Death of Autotune) video off of Blueprint 3 set to release Sept 11th

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Some Michael Jackson Videos... RIP MJ


Bonus: Filipino prisoners "thriller" remake... Grezzzy...

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The Mixtape is here...Element: If I were your girl, I'd F*** me too


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A couple weeks back I posted a song by my boy Element called "One Night Stand"& told you guys that his mixtape was going to drop soon...well here is "If I were a girl, I'd F*** me too".

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Bryan Greenberg & KiD CuDi - You Can Run


Found this over on kidcudi.com. Seems to be an unrehearsed and improvised freestyle. Pretty dope if this was done off the top... just shows his versatility.

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RIP Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson the King of Pop dies at the age of 50.
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Michael Jackson was born August 29, 1958, born in Gary, Indiana and was the 7th child in a family of 9. He began his musical career at the age of 5 as the lead singer of the Jackson Five; a group created by Michael’s father, Joseph Jackson. The Jackson Five was eventually signed by Berry Gordy in 1968 to the legendary Motown Records. At the age of 11 Michael and the Jackson Five dropped their first single, “I Want You Back,” which in January of 1970 hit number 1 on the Billboard hot 100 chart. “I’ll Be There,” “The Love You Save,” and the historic track “ABC” quickly followed and sequentially topped the charts.

At the very young age of 13 Mike began writing history by launching his solo career but in addition to his work with the Jackson Five. In 1975 due to the Jackson’s wanting more control over their recordings relations with Motown Records eventually broke down which lead to the Jackson’s signing a record deal with Epic Records. With the help of a producer named Quincy Jones in 1979 Mike’s solo album “Off The Wall” began Mike’s super successful and truly extraordinary career.

In 1982 Michael released the best-selling album of all time, “Thriller,” which was followed by “Bad” in 1987, “Dangerous” in 1991, “HIStory” in 1995, and “Invincible” in 2001. We should all have some sort of knowledge about how successful his albums truly were but if not this stat should help; over 750 million albums sold worldwide. Throughout his career Michael complimented his successful albums by creating ground changing and influential music videos such as “Billie Jean,” Beat It,” “Black or White,” “Scream” and the unforgettable, “Thriller.”

Mike’s live performances were also globally renowned; filled with flashy outfits, raw emotion, and distinctively original dance moves which have influenced all genres of dance to this very day. In 1983 at Motown’s 25th Anniversary Mike literally stole the show by performing “Billie Jean” and the “Moonwalk” for the very first time. He was known for selling out stadiums around the globe and rocking crowds like no other. I personally remember when I was younger that every time I saw media coverage of Michael’s concert’s they would always show thousands of fans crying and fighting through the thickest of crowds just to see a glimpse of the King in person. No matter the country or city Mike was touring the fans always reacted to him the same.
In 1984 Time Magazine portrayed Mike “the hottest single phenomenon since Elvis Presley” and in 1990 he was declared the most globally popular artist in the business. He was globally crowned the King, recognized by all. Mostly due to becoming a global icon and his unique personal qualities Michael’s life was highly publicized which engrained him as a part of the pop culture. Michael’s work has influenced all genres of music and all sorts of artist, way too much for me to even begin to mention. He was adored by millions, no sorry billions and reached an amount of success that will more than likely never be reached again.

He should be remembered for as an artist who delivered unique music, technical dance moves, and extraordinary performances worldwide, not for the controversy that at times engulfed him. He is a hero to many; his ability to move crowds and touch the world through his music should never be forgotten.

PS. He was set to go back out on tour in London and I guarantee it was sold out... and he’d still kill it...

Now we can all say “I remember where I was when I found out Michael died.”

Michael Jackson the King of Pop dies at the age of 50.

Rest In Peace

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Straight outta Compton & Into the ACC


Welcome To Toronto, Demar Derozan

Need I say more?

Click the link below to see this dude destroy the rim.

Really looking forward to seeing dude play this year.

And just some highlights from back in the day wit his homie Lil Romeo.

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Wake n' Bake


Morning BBQ to initiate a rare day off from work. Food brought to you by Chef Rambo.

Excuse the poor picture quality. Phone cams just don't get the job done, but they do come clutch sometimes.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vince is HOME!

His Real Home: Orlando, Florida

Vince was born right near Orlando in Daytona Beach. I have a strong feeling this should rejuvenate some sort of motivation for him to end his career with a bang. He's 32 and I'm saying he has at least 2-3 more solid seasons. The Orlando Magic did Rafer dirty though...smh.

Here's a link to Vince's top 15 memorable moments while he was up here, north of the border. The "commencement controversy" should not even be mentioned in this and I hope whoever wrote the article or jotted down that specific point chokes on their own vomit. I am GONE to my commencement NO MATTER what the circumstances.


In other news: Shaq continues to jump on more wagons.

I seriously don't understand why Kobe was always criticized on not winning a ring without Shaq. Mr. O'neal has a good strategy, simply ride around with the league's best and coast to a championship. This Cavs acquisition is one that will most likely see me drift further and further away from that team. I hope Lebron pulls a fast one and leaves before they even play one minute together on the hardwood. Come on Shaq... how am I supposed to put you in my top 10 after this desperation move?

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"4 Play"... by: Ron D

Check out the new track "4 Play" from my boy Ron D....

Check his page for more (click link):

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Looking forward to this project...


NAS & DAMIAN "JR GONG" MARLEY DISTANT RELATIVES preview from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

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Crazy effects and shit but movie still looks like assssss to me... judge for yourself:


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A few WTF topics..

Oh Sheeiit, North Korea threatens to "Wipe Out" the United States... WTF?

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United States beats Europe's soccer giant's, SPAIN (massive upset)... WTF?

Shaq traded to Cavs... WTF?

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

As I watch him sleep I often wonder....


Picture taken with my Blackberry Storm of my little man while he dreamed away...

A short very basic poem I wrote at 3.35 in the am while I watched my son sleep...
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As I watch him sleep I often wonder...

As I watch him sleep I often wonder
if I can always keep him safe and protected

As I watch him sleep I often wonder
if I’ll be prepared when he throws me the unexpected

As I watch him sleep I often wonder
if he’ll grow up to be a doctor or a b-baller

As I watch him sleep I often wonder
if he’ll be like me or shorter or maybe even taller

As I watch him sleep I often wonder
if one day he’ll love to learn his English and Math

As I watch him sleep I often wonder
when he’ll stray from his dreams and return down the right path

As I watch him sleep I often wonder
if he’ll grow up surrounded with good friends

As I watch him sleep I often wonder
when I’ll see the day he’ll be rolling around in a brand new benz

As I watch him sleep I often wonder
if God will bless him with a lil brother or sister

As I watch him sleep I often wonder
when he’ll stop coming to me to kiss his cut or blister

As I watch him sleep I often wonder
when he’ll tell me about that pretty female he wants to get to know

As I watch him sleep I often wonder
if he’ll grow up to be the man the one who runs the show

As I watch him sleep I often wonder
when he’ll smoke his first joint or blunt

As I watch him sleep I often wonder
if he’ll sex for the first time from the back or the front

As I watch him sleep I often wonder
if he’ll grow up to be what I want him to be and more

As I watch him sleep I often wonder
if I wonder too much because damn he’s not even four

As I watch him sleep I always wonder
if he’ll love me till the day I die
and come to my funeral not too big to shed tears and cry...

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Black and white's of some of the crew and I...


Above Simms and Yung Che better known as J. Harbans

J. Harbans and Trumen

Just Millz

J. Harbans aka Yung Che trying to spark it up...

J. Harbans aka Yung Che, puff puff pass...

Just Millz and Trumen, nigga always hiding from the camera... lol.

Pictures taken by madeinthecity's very own:

Cristhian Ramirez

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Daily Music Updates

Monday, July 13, 2009

Baseball Sex - Lil Wayne feat Mack Maine
Do It Now - Drake
Stunt On You - Drake
Somebody Else - Ne-Yo

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Imma Do It Snippet - Fabolous feat Kobe
Salute - Fabolous feat Lil Wayne
Mr. Gangsta Remix - Lil Wayne feat Smitty
Chameleon - Christina Milian feat The Dream
Diamonds - Rick Ross
Thats What I Thought - T.I.
Bread Up - T.I. feat Trick Daddy & Keri Hilson
Magic - T.I. feat Robin Thicke
Welcome Back To The Trap - T.I.
Don't Give Up - T.I.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Get It - Mase feat Cam'ron
Juice - Drake
The Winner - Drake
Something - Drake
Press It Up - Sean Paul
I'm So Wavy (Jay-Z Diss) - The Game
Look 4 Ya - Andre 300

Friday, July 10, 2009

Don't Trust Me Remix - 3Oh!3 feat Mike Posner & Kid Cudi
Hatin On Him - R Kelly
Welcome To My Workplace - Fabolous

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Slow Down - Drake feat Tommy Stars
Fallen - Keshia Chante feat Drake
Most Wanted Rockstar (Snippet) - Lil Wayne
Sacrifice - Lil Wayne feat Gudda Gudda, T- Streets & Channel

Wednesday, July 8, 2009