Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Creative Thinking: She was my angel...

I was bored once again so I wrote a quick short story...
Its whatever, a little creepy tho I was trying something new lol ...

She was my angel...

Today is Valentine’s Day, my mi amour and I have a special day planned. This morning I woke up at 10 am sharp in anticipation for my love; I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and ironed out my clothes. Once I was done changing I headed down to her favourite breakfast joint and waited anxiously for her arrival...

Oh man I’m so excited for today, I have been anticipating this for a while now. Everything is perfect; I’m dressed in her favourite colours equipped with a box of her favourite chocolates and a fresh bouquet of her favourite flowers. Everything is going to be perfect all I got to do now is just wait a little bit and she should be walking through the door anytime now.

Where the hell is she? I have been waiting at this restaurant for almost two hours now. Maybe she couldn’t sleep last night after I left her house so she decided to sleep in, or maybe she got called into work unexpectedly, or maybe she’s stuck on a long distance phone call, yea that’s it she got held up on an important phone call that’s all. Shut up stop talking shit, you’re just jealous, watch she’ll come.

Fuck man this is bullshit! I have been sitting in this fucking seat for three straight hours, the waitresses are staring at me weird, like I’m some creep who has no life, like some loser that got stood up on Valentines’ Day. Oh man I just had a horrible thought, what if she’s out with another guy or shit maybe she decided to avoid me on purpose since I did tell her to meet me here today in the letter. I told you that letter was a bad idea; this is your entire fault.

She’s a fucking no show. My plans are ruined, my plans in which we took so long to come up with. That bitch, that fucking whore, I bet she’s out eating breakfast with some other guy. With some other guy who’s tall, dark, and handsome. That bitch how dare she give me all the obvious signs that she wants me than just leave me here alone on Valentine’s Day. What a bitch she stood me up, you happy now? She stood me up. Man I know she read my letter, fuck we watched her open it and read it from the really clean window to the one outside her room, so there’s no mistaking that. There must be something wrong because I know she loves me just as much as I love her, for crying out loud she held the public bus for me just four days ago and said hello with that smile she does. That smile she puts on, it’s just for me I never seen her smile at anyone else like that before, yup just me. So I know she loves me and you can’t deny that, you know I’m right. I know she cares for me, she has too. I have been following her for months now and I will never forget the first time I saw her; it was like God had sent an angel down specifically for me. But then why would she stand me up. I told her in the letter I would be here today, what could have possibly gone wrong. She better not be with another guy for real because I understand her better than any other guy ever will. I know the real colour of her eyes, I know who her favourite author is, what’s her favourite television show, how much moles she has on her back, and even that her left breast is one size larger than her right. I am her soul mate and she is my angel. Something must have just gone wrong that’s all.

Huh? You think we should drive around town and search all her regular spots? You know what that doesn’t sound like a bad idea, comforting to know I’m not in this alone. Yea I agree we should start the search at her house.

You think shes home? Hey fuck you I’m not a loser, you know I hate having to creep around her house but I have to stay close to my love because I know she feels my presence when I’m near. Shut up you have no idea what I’m going through you have never loved before your heart is filled with hate and so much anger, you’re just jealous as usual. But fuck I have checked through every window now and there’s still no sign of her. What should I do?

Oh brilliant instead of wasting gas by driving around town looking for her, waiting here for her until she arrives home will be way easier. Plus you have no plans anyways you just follow me where ever I go, you’re the real loser.

Yea I know the stars are bright out tonight eh? Oh hush look a car is pulling up to the drive way and look there she is but who the fuck is that guy she’s with and why is she letting him inside her house. Maybe it’s just her brother; it does look like the guy that’s in all her family photos.

You know what I’m breaking in, no I’m not crazy or stupid but I need to get closer, I’m just going to hide in the closet in her bedroom, we both know she never goes in there before she falls asleep. Shut up you have no choice but to follow me inside and stop whining you bitch I’m not going to get us caught relax.

Ok this spot is good she won’t find me here and I’ll be able to leave as soon as she falls asleep, Ok? Oh my God being in her room is better than I expected, the sweet aroma from her dirty laundry has given me the hardest erection I have ever experienced I just want to tear her clothes off her body and let her feel how much I love her. I can’t wait for her to come into the room and I can watch her sleep from just a few feet away, no more looking out the window.

Oh look, look she’s entering the room, be fucking quiet don’t make a sound. Wait, what the fuck? Why is her brother sleeping in the same bed with her, this is fucking messed up there’s something wrong here. Fuck there having sex, this is not what is suppose to happen. I should to be the one fucking her tonight not this loser. That fucking whore, I should have listened to you, you were right this whole time. That bitch she ditched me for this loser. How dare she just play with my emotions like this, this bitch needs to learn a lesson, she needs to be punished... Punished the only way you know how too.

Yea, I’m going to need your help with this one but just make it quick last time they almost found out it was us...


Anonymous said...

this was creepy/do you actually think this way?!

Yung Che said...

LMAO hell no... it was just a short story...

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