Wednesday, July 08, 2009

When will it end: Day 16 of Garbage Strike

"Temporarily out of service, please do not litter"

LOL @ please do not litter? they can't be serious. Where do u expect people to put their garbage if they are not allowed to put it where it's suppose to go?

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So it's day 16 and it doesn't seem like they are making any progress with this garbage strike. Our city is getting smellier and smellier everyday. I refuse to go downtown because of the state it is in right now. Just leaving my house to go outside to get some fresh air and knowing I'm going to be inhaling the smell of garbage disgusts me. We've just recently beat our record with 16 straight days of this strike since back in 2002, when I heard that on the news I was thinking in my head this news reporter can't be serious, she was saying it like it was something to glorify and be proud of. Now I'm hearing that our great Mayor is telling us to put our garbage on sidewalks so that civic workers will be forced to go back to work, how bout giving them what they want so stuff like this won't happen. The fact that I'm hearing civic workers aren't even complaining about pay makes this situation even worse. I just heard that Centerville has been closed by the city and that Caribana might be a no go this summer. If they cancel Caribana I hope the city will be prepared for a mini Watts type riot (search L.A. riots if you don't know what I'm talking about). David Miller better think twice about canceling Caribana, he better think about how much money the city will lose from tourists that weekend, I doubt he realizes the bad reputation that Toronto is getting at the moment. A friend had told me yesterday that American's are being told not to come to our city because of this garbage strike. This strike is supposedly going to last til September, I would hate to see how this city is going to look in 2 months.


Patrick said...

This is getting out of hand. Pardon my french, but Mayor Miller is a fucking retard. I can't wait til election time comes around. Remember Mel Lastman? He would've fired every single one of the workers.

Then again, how stupid are these workers? Once the strike comes to an end, who's going to have to pick up all the garbage? THEM.

Bunch of fucking morons. Miller and the strikers.

Yung Che said...

Millz and I interviewed a couple of union workers representing the strikers last night... That post will be up by tomorrow...
Theres a few things that the news are choosing not to report which I find very interesting.

Just Millz said...

We will most definitely be filling you in on all things the media has left out.

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